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We have participated in several TV programs over the years. Why postpone your hearts deepest longings, when you can get as close as you can, right now, in this moment, in deeper dating. Eric from Oslo, thank you for a fantastic experience. The Tantra Temple is an association of people dedicated to making the Tantric wisdom available for everyone who is ready for. Tantric Deep Dating provides a safe and intimate environment guided by experienced teachers

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in the realm of love, human relation, intimacy and sensual experiences.

dating match tantra tempel massasje oslo

Now I know how important touches are. Comfortable, professional and sweet at the same time. Lille Frogner allé 5B 0263 Oslo Norway (47) from 9:00 to 21:00 (whole week). We have Tantra Temples in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Reykjavik. Love does not wait for tomorrow, it is always a choice we have to make right NOW. Had the best 2 hours ever, she was really nice pretty girl with an amazing smile and amazing hands, and body Took me to heaven I am coming back for sure. Our masseurs are also normal people that you can talk with and ask for advice they all have a rich life experience and know how to guide you further on your path and how to overcome the challenges of life. Therefore many Tantrics are moving to for instance Denmark, which is one of the countries most open to alternative ways of life.

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  • After Tantric Deep Dating.
  • Tantric Deep Dating is a repeating event.
  • So you can come again next time to meet new friends or bring new friends with whom you wish to share new experiences of heart opening intimacy and connection.

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If you are looking for a casual sexual experience or a quiet and undisturbed evening alone with your spouse, this is probably not going to fulfill your wishes. . After that your body and mind will be in deep relaxation. As you feel deeper and deeper connected, you will come to trust one another, feel uplifted by each other and might even fall in love in the NOW, again and again. The following year we opened temples in Aarhus and Odense, in this way being within reach from most of Denmark. Its authors were inspired by wisdom of ancient Eastern traditions and designed holistic massage which enables to experience very deep relaxation, get rid of emotional blockages and completely melt into the present moment. Tantric massage combines a beautiful ritual, massage techniques and bodywork elements for awakening the fundamental energy and expanding it throughout the whole body. I have tried this type of massage before, but this was by far the best!

dating match tantra tempel massasje oslo

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For that I feel more free. Obviously we had stumbled over a great need in a big part of the population; the human need for loving and conscious touch. Human connection, sensuality and intimacy are essential experiences to open us up for a rich world inside. In this way we succeeded in balancing theory with direct experience. We believe that by knowing ourselves and exploring what is inside of us, we will also make the world a much better place to live. Andre from Oslo, view all. Through this experience I have come to know myself and my truth and some blocks have been removed. We have also special workshops only for couples where we go even deeper in your intimacy. In the Tantric Deep Dating the exercises and the entire evening is guided so you will meet the other people present. Please check our event calendar to see when this workshop will be kept next time.

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Escort arendal moteplassen com I specialize in improving relationships. The rumor was spreading quickly and our guests were sending their friends and family to the Tantra Temple. Tantra Massage Studio, sunrise Tantra Massage studio is a constantly evolving company, based in Oslo, offering men, women and couples authentic tantric massages, individual lessons and sexological bodywork sessions with certified specialists. How Deep do we go?
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Norway escort service submissive escort prague After tantra massage I left the studio with a new energy and a new inner strength that I had not felt for quite some time. You can come alone, with friends or as a couple you are going to have a great time as long as you are open to participate in the exercises.
First time swingers escort service nearby On the other hand if you are looking for meeting new friends in a deep heart connecting way based on true emotional openness, presence and heartfelt sharing, or if your love relationship needs a new impulse diving into the unknown land of sensual awakening and love, challenging. My approach will awaken your inner strength and help to develop balance, joy and self-confidence in your life. You cannot put a price on this. The masseurs are typically between 28-45 years old.